Friday, May 31, 2013

My dear JH

My dear boy,

You have grown so fast suddenly I realise you are no longer my little boy anymore. Suddenly you no longer have to tiptoe to reach for things on the table and suddenly your clothes and shoes doesn't fit anymore.

You are molding your personality and I can see you inherit the positive outgoing friendly trait from your father and the stubborn -ness from me.

I was fetching you from home few days ago and you saw one of your classmate ahead of you. You rushed up to him happily and wanted to play with him. Alas the little boy didn't wanna play with you and push u away a few times. He ran off leaving you behind as you look at me and pointed at him, crying away. He ran off without turning back.

At that moment, I looked at you and I realize this is one of life's experience that mummy has no control over. Rejection.

My heart ached as I watched you sobbed away unable to understand why he doesn't wanna play with you. You may be too young to understand the meaning of rejection yet you already experience what rejection does to you. Life will never be what you want. Just as your father once said: if everyone treat each another equally, then there won't be any war.

Of course that doesn't mean you have to take on a negative perspective of it. Your life will be what you make out of it. You have your father's positivity and natural easy-going style. So make the best out of it and let it bring joy and hope to your life. I hope you will hang on to that trait for the whole of your lifetime and never let it slip by you no matter how hard life gets you down.

Rejection is a fear that follows mummy like a shadow. It let mummy lose opportunity to make new friends and even maintain lasting friendship. So I hope u wont be like me. It's okie to get upset and cry when you suffer a rejection. But you must learn to get over it and not be afraid to try again. Mummy is still trying to learn this. Hope this will be an inspiration to you if life ever gets you down and you need a pep talk.

Mummy will always be with you even if the world turns against you. Don't ever forget that.

Signing off..

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