Friday, November 16, 2012

My baby's Smell

Having a second child has given me a chance to relearn and somehow enjoy some moments that I have forgotten as JH grows older.

I have lost and found my baby smell. It was lost when JH turns two.. Somehow it was replace with the smell of perspiration mixed with powder with hint of any remaining shampoo or shower soap smell.

I remember fondly I used to love placing my nose to smell the temporal part of his hair that is the hair above the ear when I carry him.. I would inhale deeply and silently with all my might like an opium addict.. Then I will close my eyes as my mind process the smell to recharge my soul..

Then when I got pregnant with JX. I was surprised that I became repelled by his smell. I would gag when I do my secret routine on him.. It's really funny how hormonal changes can change someone's perceptions of things..
Then slowly I forgot all about baby smell even when JX was born.

It was such a stressful period that I forgot to find back my baby smell. It was sad that I also forgot to smell my baby. But as luck would have it.. Somehow it comes looking back for me..

It was one of JX's pyjamas that he had worn the previous night and I had forgotten to put it in the laundry bucket and left it on the bed.

When I saw the pyjamas on the bed, my first instinct was "dirty anot?" and immediately used my nose to find out.

The scent of JX's pyjamas left me standing there for few seconds. Me holding on to his pyjamas with both hands and staring in blank space. The scent had jotted my brain to recall a smell I enjoyed so much and long forgotten.. A smell that is so special that only a sweet baby possess. Yes.. It's my baby's smell..

I couldn't bear to throw his pyjamas to wash.. I just keep smelling it and trying to memorize the smell in case it ever goes away again... I wish someone can invent a device or something that can preserve scent. I would love to preserve my baby's scent so I can sniff it for years to come.

Baby's smell leaves me feeling secure and gives me a instant euphoria effect. But I'm sure to others it's just powder and smell of perspiration. I guess when you are a Mummy, everything about your baby is sweet and nice..

Now I smell my JX every waking moment. I also smell JH every now and then as my motherly gesture.. Inhaling his 汗臭味 haha.. Reminding myself that he's no longer a baby but growing up to a boy with a mind of his own..

Meanwhile I still have one and half years more left to enjoy my baby smell before its gone too..

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