Friday, October 26, 2012

My last night

Tonight shall be the very last time I'm spending my night in the house which has become my home for the past 6 years. I have been so busy packing the house I hardly have the time to focus on my thoughts and feelings of leaving this house.. For good..

Coming back from the short trip to USS seems like a hit in face as days just flew by so fast. By the time we came back yesterday, I'm only left with 2 more days in the house.

Today the feeling of sadness and emptiness slowly crept up behind me as I start seeing the house getting emptier. Still have not finish packing all the stuff.. But it's time to rest or else I won't have the energy tomorrow to handle the kids and moving house.

I'm feeling quite hollow and void.. Hmm not sure if that's a proper way of describing my feelings now.. I guess there's just too much things to do I forgot to focus on my emotions. I guess it's gonna hit me hard when the fact finally sink in that I'm really leaving this house for good. That for once.. The keys that I always use to open the door does not belong to me anymore. That the new owner are sure to tear down every customize features in the house that I treasure so much... That if I ever drive past this blk, will I still remember how the original state of this place looks like? Will JH remember how he loves to gaze at the stars through the full length window? Will he miss using the platform as his stage to sing and dance? Will JX get a chance to do what his gor gor did?

I guess I won't have the time to think of all these tomorrow.. Maybe i will on Tuesday after we officially hand over the keys. Maybe I will start to think of this place by this time tomorrow..

I just hope I won't be a cry baby and start crying...

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